Cheap Calls to Philippines Landlines and Mobiles

From a landline or mobile to Philippines

Make cheap international calls to Philippines landlines and mobiles from your USA landline or mobile

1. Top up with credit

Purchase DialAbroad credit

Top up securely using your credit/debit card or PayPal. We receive your payment then text you your DialAbroad calling PIN.

Purchase credit in increments of $/€5, $/€10, $/€15 or $/€20 credit or debit card or PayPal. Maximum top up is $/€20 per day up to $/€100 per month. Price includes VAT.
You must enter a valid mobile number (you can use your credit from any landline or mobile with your PIN). A confirmation text informing you that your mobile has been charged with the requested topup amount will be sent shortly thereafter.
Credit/Debit card/PayPal top-up: It is essential that you enter your correct mobile number in order for us to top your account up correctly. The transaction is handled in a secure environment and DialAbroad never has access to your card details. If auto-topup/pre-approved billing is enabled, you can cancel it via the DialAbroad Login section at any time. If you have not enabled auto top-up then calls will disconnect once the credit is finished and a new topup request will have to be made for a further topup.
Credit lasts for six months from date of top up, and each top up within this period extends your whole balance by six months from the date of top up.
Calls to the DialAbroad access number will be charged at your standard landline or mobile rate to a landline or can be used as part of your landline or mobile inclusive minutes. Cost of calls to any freefone access number will incur a rate surcharge per minute (as displayed next to the freefone access number on this web site). Calls are charged per minute. A connection charge of 5 cents is charged per call. You should always call our access numbers from a local phone, eg. if you are in Spain, call our Spanish access number from a Spanish landline or mobile; if you are in the Germany, call our Germany access number from a German landline or mobile.

no registration  Philippines from 17c/min 
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use auto top up for seamless recharge  (optional) auto top up
use any landline or mobile  use mobile or landline
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Destination Rate
Philippines 19c/min
Philippines Mobile 25c/min
Philippines Mobile Digitel Sun 17c/min
Philippines Mobile Globe 17c/min
Philippines Mobile Smart 17c/min

2. Dial access number

To make a call dial the access number for the country you are calling from

Cheap international calls from 1-646-813-7894 from US landlines and mobiles

This is a US landline number, so if you have free calls to landlines this should be a free call.

3. Enter number to call

At the prompt, enter the number in Philippines (including the 0063 international dialing code) you want to call. Do not press the call button again.

That's it! Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Pay your mobile/landline operator the cost for calling our USA access number (a national call, so usually included in any free calls to landlines bundles). The cost for us to connect you to the Philippines number is deducted from your DialAbroad credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common queries below. If you have any further questions, please get in contact

For convenience, you can save our access number in your contacts for seamless dialing.

You can either save the number into the phone book on your phone in the regular way, or you can edit the numbers in your phone book to include the access number and dial using pause dialing.

How to save a speed dial

1 Select the contact to edit
In front of their number, enter the DialAbroad access number for your country eg. 033 3232 2323
2 Add a pause
Tap the + * # key at the lower left of the screen and the keyboard layout will change to show a 'pause' button. Tap the Pause key
Tap the menu key then the 'add 2-sec pause' button, or just press the ',' button on your keyboard
Press * 3 times to show ' p '
Press and hold 0 to show ' + '
Motorola/Sony Erricson
Press and hold * to show ' p '
(Only if outside the UK)
Enter the DialAbroad PIN and add another pause
3 Enter the person's number
Ensure the destination number includes the full international code starting 00 followed finally by #
4 Click Save

Example: If 033 3232 2323 is your DialAbroad access number and 1234 is your PIN and 00336987654321 is your contact's phone number, then the finished entry should look like this:

03332322323 ,1234,00336987654321
03332322323 p1234p00336987654321

Useful info for Philippines

International dialing code: 0063

Capital city: Manila
Currency: Philippine peso (PHP)

Principle languages: Filipino, English

Philippines embassy in the UK
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

9A Palace Green London

W8 4QE

Telephone: (020) 7937 1600

Opening Hours: Mon–Fri: 0900–1300 & 1400–1700

Check the time in Philippines

With UK Daylight Saving Without UK Daylight Saving
(Britsh Summer Time)
Philippines 8 hours 9 hours

Calling Philippines at

Philippines Event calendar - events and public holidays

Make sure that you don't miss out - make cheap calls to friends and family in Philippines for public holidays and celebrations!

1 January  -  New Year's Day
22 February  -  People Power Day
6 April  -  Good Friday
9 April  -  Araw Ng Kagitingan (Valour Day)
1 May  -  Labor Day
12 June  -  Independence Day
24 June  -  Manila Day
26 August  -  Heroe's Day
13 October  -  Eid'l Fitre
1 November  -  All Saint's Day
30 November  -  Bonifacio Day
25 December  -  Christmas Day
30 December  -  Rizal day
31 December  -  New Year's Day

Calling Philippines from other countries

You can use DialAbroad to make cheap international calls to Philippines from the following countries also:

  • Calling Philippines from Australia Calling from Australia 02 8279 8661
  • Calling Philippines from Belgium Calling from Belgium 02 80 82 535
  • Calling Philippines from Cyprus Calling from Cyprus 022 007 072
  • Calling Philippines from France Calling from France 01 70 71 02 70
  • Calling Philippines from Germany Calling from Germany 069 204 57 872
  • Calling Philippines from Ireland Calling from Ireland 01 43 72 479
  • Calling Philippines from Italy Calling from Italy 06 94 80 67 83
  • Calling Philippines from Malta Calling from Malta 2778 1728
  • Calling Philippines from Netherlands Calling from Netherlands 02 02 62 39 72
  • Calling Philippines from Poland Calling from Poland 22 116 58 57
  • Calling Philippines from Spain Calling from Spain 951 011 248
  • Calling Philippines from Sweden Calling from Sweden 08 509 279 49
  • Calling Philippines from Switzerland Calling from Switzerland 03 17 77 00 88
  • Calling Philippines from UK Calling from UK 0333 232 2323

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