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How to make international calls

Like a calling card, only better

1. Buy calling credit online

Purchase international dialing credit quickly & safely with your debit/credit card or PayPal.

2. Receive PIN by SMS

Get your call credit at any time. No need to carry a phone card with you. Call abroad from US mobiles or landlines at any time.

3. Call from mobiles or landline

Make long distance calls using our US access number, which is a regular landline number - great if you have free calls to landlines!

4. Low cost, high quality calls

  • Call at any time
  • Amazing cheap international call rates
  • Great line quality
  • No extra or hidden charges

About DialAbroad

Founded in 2002 and operating in 14 countries, DialAbroad is a leading cheap international calls specialist.

Simply select the country you would like to call from USA, see the low rates and purchase DialAbroad call credit. You can make international calls at any time, with great line quality.

Call anywhere in the world quickly, easily and cheaply from your US mobile phone or landline. Calling abroad from USA has never been easier.

There are no catches or hidden international call charges and no monthly bills. Just simple and straightforward low cost long distance calling. With DialAbroad it can be as cheap to make an international call as it is to make a local call.

DialAbroad allows you to safely purchase international dialling credit with your debit card, credit card or PayPal account.

Use DialAbroad to chat with friends and family abroad, or trust us for important international business calls.

Select the country you are calling to and refer to our instructions on how to make international calls with DialAbroad.

Calling from USA

Some of our most popular international calling destinations

Calling from abroad to USA

Use DialAbroad to make cheap international calls to USA

  • Calling USA from Australia Calling from Australia 02 8279 8661
  • Calling USA from Belgium Calling from Belgium 02 80 82 535
  • Calling USA from Cyprus Calling from Cyprus 022 007 072
  • Calling USA from France Calling from France 01 70 71 02 70
  • Calling USA from Germany Calling from Germany 069 204 57 872
  • Calling USA from Ireland Calling from Ireland 01 43 72 479
  • Calling USA from Italy Calling from Italy 06 94 80 67 83
  • Calling USA from Malta Calling from Malta 2778 1728
  • Calling USA from Netherlands Calling from Netherlands 02 02 62 39 72
  • Calling USA from Poland Calling from Poland 22 116 58 57
  • Calling USA from Spain Calling from Spain 951 011 248
  • Calling USA from Sweden Calling from Sweden 08 509 279 49
  • Calling USA from Switzerland Calling from Switzerland 03 17 77 00 88
  • Calling USA from UK Calling from UK 0333 232 2323
  • Calling USA from USA Calling from USA 1-646-813-7894

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