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Make cheap calls from your home or office landline to landlines and mobiles in Wallis and Futuna

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From a UK landline Rate Access Number
Wallis and Futuna 50p/min 0905 091 5867
Wallis and Futuna, Mobile 50p/min 0905 091 5867

1. Dial landline access number

From your home or office landline, dial the access number for calling landlines or mobiles

For 50p/min calls to Wallis and Futuna dial 0905 091 5867
For 50p/min calls to Wallis and Futuna, Mobile dial 0905 091 5867

Your phone company will also charge a per minute access charge, so you may find it cheaper to use the top up service instead

2. Enter number to call

At the prompt, enter the number in Wallis and Futuna you want to call followed by (not forgetting the 00681 international dialing code)

That's it! Cheap international calls to Wallis and Futuna 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No registration, no pre-payment, no accounts to open and no separate bills: all calls to our access number are charged to your normal phone bill as the per-minute service charge shown above plus your phone company's access charge.

Callers must ensure they have bill payer's permission before making a call. Calls to DialAbroad access numbers cost the per-minute service charge shown here, plus your phone company's access charge, which varies by phone company. We suggest checking in advance with your phone company for their access charge. The service provider for the access number is New Call Telecom. Calls are charged from time of connection to the access number, so we advise replacing the handset after a short period if your calls are engaged or unanswered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common queries below. If you have any further questions, please get in contact

For convenience, you can save our access number in your contacts for seamless dialing.

You can either save the number into the phone book on your phone in the regular way, or you can edit the numbers in your phone book to include the access number and dial using pause dialing.

How to save a speed dial

1 Select the contact to edit
In front of their number, enter the DialAbroad access number for your country eg. 033 3232 2323
2 Add a pause
Tap the + * # key at the lower left of the screen and the keyboard layout will change to show a 'pause' button. Tap the Pause key
Tap the menu key then the 'add 2-sec pause' button, or just press the ',' button on your keyboard
Press * 3 times to show ' p '
Press and hold 0 to show ' + '
Motorola/Sony Erricson
Press and hold * to show ' p '
(Only if outside the UK)
Enter the DialAbroad PIN and add another pause
3 Enter the person's number
Ensure the destination number includes the full international code starting 00 followed finally by #
4 Click Save

Example: If 033 3232 2323 is your DialAbroad access number and 1234 is your PIN and 00336987654321 is your contact's phone number, then the finished entry should look like this:

03332322323 ,1234,00336987654321
03332322323 p1234p00336987654321

Useful info for Wallis and Futuna

International dialing code: 00681

Capital city: Matâ'Utu
Currency: CFP franc (XPF)

Principle languages: French

Wallis and Futuna embassy in the UK


Opening Hours:

Check the time in Wallis and Futuna

With UK Daylight Saving Without UK Daylight Saving
(Britsh Summer Time)
Wallis and Futuna 12 hours 13 hours

Calling Wallis and Futuna at

Wallis and Futuna Event calendar - events and public holidays

Make sure that you don't miss out - make cheap calls to friends and family in Wallis and Futuna for public holidays and celebrations!

Calling Wallis and Futuna from other countries

You can use DialAbroad to make cheap international calls to Wallis and Futuna from the following countries also:

  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Australia Calling from Australia 02 8279 8661
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Belgium Calling from Belgium 02 80 82 535
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from France Calling from France 01 84 88 79 32
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Germany Calling from Germany 069 204 57 872
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Ireland Calling from Ireland 01 43 72 479
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Italy Calling from Italy 06 94 80 67 83
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Malta Calling from Malta 2778 1728
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Netherlands Calling from Netherlands 02 02 62 39 72
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Poland Calling from Poland 22 116 58 57
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Spain Calling from Spain 911 981 089
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Sweden Calling from Sweden 08 446 851 17
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from Switzerland Calling from Switzerland 03 17 77 00 88
  • Calling Wallis and Futuna from USA Calling from USA 1-415-766-2098

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