Whether for business or holidays, keeping in touch when travelling is an ever increasing necessity. Yet because of “mobile roaming” it can also be very expensive. Fortuntely with DialAbroad, you can avoid mobile roaming charges and call cheaply when abroad.

What is mobile roaming?

When you take your mobile outside the country you subscribe in (eg. the UK if you pay your bills to a UK network; France if you have a French connection etc.), then your mobile provider will add extra charges to your bill known as ‘roaming charges’. Roaming charges are incurred when you make and receive calls, when you send text or photo messages, and when you use data overseas.

Use a UK phone when travelling in the USA and you could be paying £1.20 a minute to call the UK – compared to just 1p/min if you called the UK from a US phone with DialAbroad

Roaming charges within the EU have been coming down in recent years thanks to pressure from the European Union, but it still costs eg. 30p/min to make a call back to the UK and 10p/min to receive a call in the EU. Travel further afield and the charges can be substantially more – for example, some operators charge over £1.10/min to make a call back to the UK from the USA and 70p/min to receive a call. And when you factor in data charges it’s no surprise that a search on Google for ‘huge roaming bills’ throws up a wide range of hits with some horror stories.

Avoiding roaming with DialAbroad

The simplest way to avoid roaming charges is to switch off your mobile and only use it for emergencies. But most of us these days want to be able to make and receive cheap calls when travelling.

Fortunately, DialAbroad operates in 12+ countries worldwide and you can use the same DialAbroad credit to make cheap calls from any of these countries.

So, if you need to make international calls to the USA from France, or are in need to call India from the UK (or anywhere else), then can buy DialAbroad credit and use a local phone (for example, a hotel phone (although check hotel charges), a landline in your holiday home, a local mobile phone, etc.) and make calls using our access number.

DialAbroad currently offers calls from 12+ countries and we are always adding more markets – so do contact us if you have a request for us to launch in a specific country.

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