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Halloween Around the World

Halloween Traditions Around the World El Dia De Los Muertos In Mexico, Halloween is celebrated as the Day of the Dead, or ‘El Dia de los Muertos’ in Spanish. It is a festival celebrating mortality whilst remembering family and loved ones who have passed away. The annual festival takes placed between October 31st – a date familiar to the Americans and British – and lasts until November 2nd. El Dia

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Plan ahead to save money on your international calls when travelling abroad

A few minutes can save you a few hundred pounds On a recent trip to Indian Wells in California (beautiful and highly recommended if you are a golfer!), I spent just a few minutes before my trip to work out how I was going to communicate with the office back home. First of all, I checked what was available at the hotel – free WiFi and a landline – and

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Saving money on conference calls to USA numbers

For most people the words “it’s a hassle” come to mind when dialling into a conference call. Firstly you have to make sure you have the correct call-in number and access code. Plus, if you have to call a US conference call number from abroad, then you’re going to have to pay international rates also. This is where DialAbroad can come to your rescue – not only can we save

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