For most people the words “it’s a hassle” come to mind when dialling into a conference call. Firstly you have to make sure you have the correct call-in number and access code. Plus, if you have to call a US conference call number from abroad, then you’re going to have to pay international rates also. This is where DialAbroad can come to your rescue – not only can we save you money, we can help speed up the dialling also.

How to save time and save money calling conference call numbers

1 Get the DialAbroad rate

Go to DialAbroad and get the rate for calling the conference call number you’re going to dial. Many of these are US based services – See here for calls from the UK to the USA. You can also make calls to the USA from any of the other countries we operate in.

  1. If you’re calling from your mobile (recommended), then purchase some DialAbroad credit (top up by text, by credit/debit card or PayPal).
  2. You’ll receive a text back with your DialAbroad access number and PIN.
  3. Dial the access number and enter your PIN to register your phone (you only need to do this once).

2 Create a speed dial using “Pauses”

Now what you’re going to do is set up a phone book entry that seamlessly dials into DialAbroad and automatically dials into the conference call.

  1. Make a new entry in your phone book called “Conference Call”.
  2. Now add the DialAbroad access number, a Pause, the Conference Call number, a Pause, finally the Conference Call PIN.
  3. Save the phone book entry and you’re done!

For example, if you’re using the DialAbroad UK access number 033 3232 2323 and you want to dial conference call number 0018009001000 with conference PIN 987654.

If you are using an iPhone then a pause is displayed as a comma. This means your final entry will look like this 03332322323,,0018009001000,987654.

Tip: You’ll notice a double comma (pause) above, you may find you need to leave a bit of extra time between dialling the access number and entering the conference details.

See instructions for your handset below:

How to add a pause

How to add a pause depends on your phone provider, so we’ve collated some links on this below:


For iPhone, just press the * key and then Pause to insert. See the great article on Tech Recipes


For Android, you enter a p or comma. See Android Central for more info

Windows Phone

On Windows Phone you use a comma. Tap and hold the period (.) for a couple seconds and an option for comma (,) will pop up.


On BlackBerry, when you are editing a phone number, click menu and add pause

3 Now save money and time

Next time you want to dial into the conference call, just select the “Conference Call” entry from your phone book and away you go- not only are you saving money by making cheap calls to the USA, but also you don’t have to fumble with dialling all the conference call details.

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