A few minutes can save you a few hundred pounds

On a recent trip to Indian Wells in California (beautiful and highly recommended if you are a golfer!), I spent just a few minutes before my trip to work out how I was going to communicate with the office back home.

First of all, I checked what was available at the hotel – free WiFi and a landline – and then figured out when I was going to need to make my calls. Since California is 8 hours behind London, all my calls could be made first thing in the morning (afternoon in the UK) when I was in my hotel room. I, therefore, did not on this occasion need to purchase a local SIM. I simply used DialAbroad USA via the local USA access number to make my calls from the comfort of my hotel room and kept in touch via text message and WhatsApp (if WiFi) when I was out and about.

The comparison – using DialAbroad paid for 3 rounds of golf

During my week-long trip I made about 3 hours of calls back to London.

Cost with Vodafone (pay monthly) would have been: 180 minutes x £1.35 = £243

Cost with DialAbroad USA to UK via my hotel phone was: 180 minutes x $0.04 (the DialAbroad rate to UK landlines) = $7.20

In this case, my hotel charged a flat rate $0.99 per call to the access number and my 180 minutes was split into about 10 calls so add $7.20 and $9.99 and the grand total in GBP was just over a tenner.

Total saving was HOW much??

Simply by planning ahead and topping up with credit before leaving the UK, I saved over £230, which paid for all 3 rounds of golf!

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