Our sister service ZipCall has recently expanded to launch a free conference calls service.

What are conference calls?

Some people say that nothing beats a face to face meeting; but in many cases distance, cost, environmental concerns and family commitments make traveling to meet impractical. This is where conference calling comes to the rescue.

Conference calls are essential for conducting business when you need to bring together a geographically diverse group of people. Whether you have a company with multiple offices, a client based across the country or a nimble, distributed workforce who work from home, a quick conference call can be a cost effective way of quickly getting together.

What makes ZipCall different?

Big catch: many providers hide behind call charges. There are so many conference call providers out there that claim to offer free conference calls, but then whack you with expensive charges to call their access numbers. They lure you in with the promise of no account or setup fees, but then you, and anybody who uses the service to speak with you will end up paying through the nose on your phone bill.

ZipCall is different. Because our access number is a standard UK landline, it’s included in free minutes packages. This means that you won’t be charged for calls to our number if you have free minutes to UK landlines.

The example below of a typical SME conference call with 4 participants really brings it to life. We compare ZipCall, which has a free number for participants to call vs. Pow Wow Now, who charge 6.8/min to call from a landline, and 12.5p/min to call from a mobile:

ZipCall Conferencing
Pow Wow Now
2 landline participants talking for 1 hour
2 mobile participants talking for 1 hour


If the average SME makes just one conference call a month, this would mean a huge saving of £277.95 a year by making free conference calls with ZipCall.

How to get started

You just need to register with your email address at the ZipCall web site. You’ll get the access number, conference number and PIN immediately. You share these with anybody you want to join your call. You make a call. Done. Reuse the conference number details as many times as you like.

It’s robust and secure

As technology empowers us to work anywhere, anytime, the need for a robust, reliable conference calling solution becomes ever more important. There are lots of providers that claim to offer a great service, and with ZipCall we think we have come up with an unbeatable proposition for anybody who needs to make conference calls on a regular basis. With over 30 years of collective telecoms experience and many, many hours of time spent on conference calls, we built the service just as we’d like it ourselves, completely eliminating hidden charges and painful setup processes.

We appreciate that business calls are sensitive and we take security very seriously. Balancing the need for convenience and security, we opted for a double layer conference number and PIN to make sure that your confidentially is protected at all times.

When you are next thinking about setting up a conference call, make sure it’s a ZipCall Conference Call – not only will you get a genuinely free conference call, but also one that is extremely high quality and secure.

Find out more and get your free conference calls account at http://www.zipcall.com/conference-calls/

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